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About Me

Photographer and filmmaker based in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

An award-winning graduate with a degree in Film Studies from the University of Winnipeg. Accolades include best director and best editor, University Student Film Fest.

Postgraduate film work includes camera operator, editing and sound processing for various short films, music videos and full-length documentaries. Working for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada documenting survivors of Canada's residential schools and also shooting for local filmmakers Bryan Verot and Deco Dawson, as well as shooting for HGTV.

Still Photography experience includes: wedding photography, portrait, head shots, music, events, travel photography, street life, and commercial product photography.

Still History

My photography skill began from at a young age with my dad’s 35mm Pentax and a bag full of traditional film to develop. Composition and documentation skill were acquired as I moved on to traveling and photographing the world in digital. I try to capture the essence of everything and anything through my lens. Relationships, food, animals, landscapes, movement, textures, colour and lighting all have specific stories for me to tell. My love of documentation comes from film-making and is integrated into my still photography technique.

Photographic Process

Photography is not just taking a picture. A good picture records a moment. Many can take a good picture.

A great photograph records more. Photography captures a feeling. Photography creates a real memory of the moment.

A lot of my photography is a documentary thought process. Consideration and capturing of specific details of the setting, a person or an event are critical aspects to enrichment of the whole story behind a picture. My job is to find the right details and the right approach to express and enrich the story.